Don’t Make Me Stop! How to Write a Page Turner

An online creative writing course


What does every bookworm want? That delicious night when they carry on reading into the dark hours until dawn, simply because they cannot tear themselves away from a story. What does every writer want? To write a story that makes readers feel like that.

On this fun and intensive six-week course you will learn how to write a page turner that your readers won’t want to put down.

You will receive the content via email once a week for six weeks and you’ll be working hard during that time! You’ll work alone but have the option to get feedback on the story you create. Details below in the Booking section.


Course tutor

Rose McGinty is the author of the best-selling novel, Electric Souk. A graduate of the Faber Academy, she has won a number of writing competitions, had short stories published in anthologies, spoken at festivals, and taught creative writing workshops.

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Course content

The course will focus on developing one core story but what you learn can then be applied to both novels and short stories in all genres,  not just suspense and thrillers.

During the course you will develop your writing through exercises exploring:

  • jumping into your story
  • creating catchy characters
  • tricking time
  • the secrets of suspense
  • dynamic dialogue

You’ll get 50+ writing tips, techniques and frameworks, such as the three-act structure, character arc and plot twists; and will look at examples from 40 novels to bring these tips to life.

As well as developing the core story throughout the course you’ll also get the chance to build a portfolio of short stories and experiment with flash fiction.


Sign up and pay the course fee through PayPal using the relevant button below then you will be taken to another screen to give your name and email address to complete the purchase process. You will then start receiving the content automatically via email.

You don’t have to have a PayPal account and can pay using a credit or debit card.

There are two course options available and the content is exactly the same for both:

£285 – with feedback

Choose this option to receive feedback from Rose McGinty on the story you develop during the course (your story must be sent to her within 12 weeks of course purchase date)

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£200 – without feedback

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