Water Themed Flash Longlist

Water Themed Flash Competition Longlist

Thank you to everyone that entered the Water themed flash competition. We received 97 entries and the quality of writing was particularly strong this time, so an extra big well done to you!

Congratulations to the writers of the stories listed below for making the longlist. Judging is still anonymous so please don’t let us know which is your story if you see it here!

  1. Ask And The Sea Shall Answer
  2. Baptism
  3. Bath Man
  4. Between the Main Course and the Pudding
  5. Boiling Point
  6. Chickens Crossing Roads
  7. Climate Change
  8. Collecting
  9. Holiday
  10. If only it had been the Great Salt Lake
  11. Last Piece of the Puzzle
  12. Last Week of July
  13. Listening to the Water
  14. Mermaid
  15. Rinse and Repeat
  16. Sink or Swim
  17. Ten minutes and counting
  18. The Absolution
  19. The Box
  20. The Fairy Tale Ending
  21. The Falling Dusk
  22. The Mistake in the Weave
  23. The Oxbow Parenthesis
  24. The Shadow of Stained Glass
  25. Today Is Not That Day
  26. Unspoiled
  27. Water
  28. Your Anger

The shortlist will be announced later in November.

The deadline for the next quarterly flash comp (EARTH) is 29th December 2019. Winners get cash prizes and published on the website. Get all the info here.


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