Tracy Fells

Straight Lines

She was the school nerd, better than Google at explaining the stuff their Physics teacher mangled. With the properties of waves and particles, it was pure electromagnetic radiation in the part of the spectrum that, miraculously, a human eye could perceive. Her classmates shrugged and stared blankly. Then she thought about yesterday afternoon, when hiding round the corner from the waiting gang, how she heard them planning to cleanse her cleverness with tears of pain (not their actual words) and consequently took another route home to avoid the ambush. Unlike sound, she told them, it only travels in straight lines. 

This story won First Prize in the February 2022 Monthly Micro Competition.

About the author: Tracy Fells is a flash and micro fiction addict with over 100 short stories published online and in print journals. Her novella-in-flash ‘Hairy On The Inside’ is now available from Ad Hoc Fiction. She tweets as @theliterarypig.