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Sally Doherty


The picture hangs above the fireplace. Pebbles in front of bright blue sea. The generic this-person-shops-in-Ikea picture. The this-person-lives-in-a-rental-place picture. The this-person-doesn’t-have-a-family-photo-to-put-here picture. It mocks me as I unpack the boxes. Smirks as I lay out my clothes in black, navy and grey. I shove it behind the sofa. Hide it under the metal railed bed. Still it calls. You’re as two-dimensional as me. I stamp on the frame. Crush the glass, grind the shards into the paper. Rivulets of blood turn the sea crimson. I rehang it on the wall. My I-have-depth picture. My I-have-personality picture. My I-AM-ALIVE picture.


About the author: Sally Doherty lives in leafy Surrey with her two-legged husband, three-legged Labrador and four-legged Jack Russell Terror. She recently started dabbling in flash fiction with pieces published by Reflex Fiction and Spelk Fiction. Primarily, Sally writes middle grade novels. Her debut TOBY AND THE SILVER BLOOD WITCHES will be published by March Hamilton.

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