The Word For Freedom


Through this anthology Retreat West Books is proud to support Hestia and the UK Says No More campaign against domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The Word For Freedom is collection of 24 short stories celebrating a hundred years of women’s suffrage, from both established and emerging authors, all of whom have been inspired by the suffragettes and whose stories, whether set in 1918, the current day or the future, focus on the same freedoms that those women fought for so courageously.

A clerk of works at the Palace of Westminster encounters Emily Davison in a broom cupboard; a mermaid dares to tread on land to please the man she loves; a school girl friendship makes the suffragette protests relevant to the modern day; a mother leaves her child for a tree; an online troll has to face his target; and a woman caught in modern day slavery discovers a chance for freedom in a newspaper cutting.

These stories and many more come together in a collection that doesn’t shy away from the reality of a woman’s world, which has injustices and inequalities alongside opportunities and hard-won freedoms, but always finds strength, bravery and hope.


ISBN: 978-1-9164483-5-3

Published: 1st November 2018


ISBN: 978-1-9164483-4-6

Published: 1st November 2018



Our thanks to the the authors who have donated stories: Abigail Rowe, Anna Mazzola, Anna Orridge, Anne Hamilton, Angela Clarke, Angela Readman, Carolyn Sanderson, Cath Bore, Christine Powell, Dane Divine, David Cook, Emily Kerr, Helen Irene Young, Isabel Costello, Julie Bull, Karen Hamilton, Kate Vine, Katherine Blessan, Rachel Rivett, Rosaleen Lynch, Sallie Anderson, Sophie Duffy, Taria Karillion, Victoria Richards.


A diverse, entertaining and thought-provoking collection, in an excellent cause.Marian Keyes – author of The BreakThe suffragette spirit lives on in this moving, inspirational and still-relevant collection. Everyone should read it..Erin Kelly – author of He Said, She SaidThought-provoking stories of strength and wisdom – a wonderful celebration of women’s voices.Isabel Ashdown – author of Beautiful LiarsDiverse voices, back and forward in time, quirky, thought – and action – provoking..Helen Pankhurst – author and activist