The Gift

Julia Abelsohn

Two peas in a pod; they fit together like the single egg from whence they came. They were one unit, bonded for life. They laughed one laugh, they grew their hair long and golden, and their eyes were as blue as a Caribbean Ocean. And then the change began, slowly at first with the one feeling a little squarer than the other. And then the other’s roundness was like a broken mirror that she couldn’t look into anymore. She began to pull away and to look at other mirrors. She felt her body hardening, her edges forming into new shapes, new molecules brewing beneath her skin. She decided then to make the change complete – surgery and hormones would replace breasts and monthlies – and then she would give herself the final gift. Her rough hands became his hands, and he would stand alone in the world.

This story was a winner in the Micro Mentoring Comp.

About the author: Julia Abelsohn has spent over 25 years as a journalist, editor and corporate writer and is now enjoying creative writing pursuits. She has been published in The Raven’s Perch, The Mindful Word, The Globe and Mail, Flash Fiction Magazine and Pigeon Review.