The Child Bride’s Action Plan In Case of A Tsunami

Follow the evacuation procedure. Leave before he gets home; take the money he thinks you don’t know about from the drawer in his desk. Pray this shitty life is washed away. Move to higher ground. Take the hidden path through the woods, up and up. From the treetops, command the water to lunge at the land, to grope and claim it all. Return home only when told it’s safe. It’s never safe. Make him believe the wave took you, battered, spun, and ripped you apart. Keep going till the sea is lost from view and you can no longer drown.

This story was shortlisted in the July monthly micro fiction competition.

About the author:

Sarah Barnett. Originally a journalist and sub-editor, I turned to creative writing in 2017. I have two novels in the works and have written several scripts and plays. Three of my plays have been performed on scratch nights and ArtsEd students filmed one of my shorts. My flashes have been published by Flashflood 2021, Five Minutes, Retreat West, Free Flash Fiction and Paragraph Planet.