The 2022 RW Prize Shortlists

Well done again to all who entered and especially those who made the longlists in each category. We now have our shortlists and all of these stories will be published in our final anthology later this year. It’s now over to our judges to make the final decision on who wins the cash prizes.

Micro Fiction Shortlist

  • A Woman Showed up at a Mario Kart Convention in a Wedding Dress
  • Another Man’s Treasure
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buddleia Song
  • Catch
  • Manchester Fishing
  • Postcard From Portugal
  • Something Floral
  • Three Questions, One Answer
  • Watermark

Flash Fiction Shortlist

  • A Perfect Day for Banana Pudding
  • Beach Pick-Up
  • Find Shelter
  • I Never Intended to Visit the Circus
  • O Sole Mio
  • Swan Song
  • The Language of Dying Crows
  • The Lightship
  • The Matter with Shapes
  • The Sand Between her Toes

Short Story Shortlist

  • A Different Route to the Same Place
  • Even the Silence
  • Far Cry From Edgar
  • Hero of Electrification
  • Jane and Autumn
  • Rachel’s Mother
  • Salt Colonies
  • Superheroes and the World Turned Upside Down
  • Tat
  • The Ocean Is a Desert

Congratulations to all! Your stories will be published in our final Prize anthology later this year.