Ten Ways The Animals Will Save US

An anthology of flash fictions

The Ten Ways The Animals Will Save Us anthology contains 33 flash fictions from friends and fans of Retreat West, in a wonderfully wordy celebration of our ten year anniversary.

A surreal trip to the zoo rebuilds a relationship. The heartbreak that comes with growing up changes a young girl forever. A woman with an unusual appetite holds a dark secret.

Relationships old and new, diverging choices, things left behind and things yearned for are all explored in this vibrant collection of flash fiction.

Through reflections on the past, or meditations on the present, lose yourself in these extraordinary and often experimental takes on the theme of ‘ten’.

Featuring stories from Amanda Saint, Gaynor Jones, Rosie Garland, Amy Barnes, Jude Higgins, Amanda Huggins, Michael Loveday, Reshma Ruia and many more.  

Publishing on 4th March 2022. Pre-Order your paperback here for just £10 incl. P&P (UK Only)