Stacey George


I didn’t take all of me when I left. I kept my past tightly packed away. But I always remembered the ephemera of my youth, those dormant treasures that flickered into being at a thought. And you – suspended in time – existing alongside ticket stubs and birthday cards; forever tied to the things I kept because I never wanted to forget. 

When I opened those boxes and let the light flood in, I finally understood that you weren’t there – that your memory couldn’t be bound and confined. And I breathed out as those remnants flew free, like confetti on the wind.


This story won Second Prize in the February 2022 Monthly Micro Competition.

About the author: Stacey George lives with her partner Paul and daughter Indigo in Cornwall, UK. She’s had poetry published in The Dawntreader, Hammond House poetry anthologies and online via Her microfiction has appeared in Grindstone Literary and #vss365 anthologies. Flash fiction pieces have been published online by Reflex Fiction and Virtualzine