My Sister’s Life Was Nothing Like A Rollercoaster

Alison Wassell

The sensation seeking life was not for Louise, the adrenaline adventure, the racing heart, the dizzying heights, the freefall plunge, anticipation, fear, the exhilaration of those moments left hanging upside down.

The dodgems, though, she could relate to. Day following day, zooming around the same small circle, going nowhere, fast, the bumps, the shunts, the occasional pile-up, the knowledge that someone else’s finger flicked the switch that controlled it all.

Hook a duck is more her thing now. Placidly paddling, you’d struggle to pick her out from the crowd. Sunshine yellow on the surface, only she knows the scars inside.

Author: Alison Wassell is a short story, flash and micro fiction writer with no plans whatsoever to write a novel. Her work has been published by Reflex Fiction, Retreat West, Bath Flash Fiction Award, Ellipsis Zine, Litro, NFFD and The Phare.

Photo by Nik on Unsplash