Significant Notes on Lighthouses by Joanne Withers

Significant Notes on Lighthouses

Joanne Withers

There are 19,000 worldwide.

On maps they look like chess pieces.

Ornamental versions are popular in fish tanks.

You once said stars are lighthouses in space, guiding people onwards.

Aged six, I gained a C grade for my project describing how lighthouses protect ships from angry waves.

Aged eleven, I received an A grade for my poem depicting mothers as lighthouses and fathers as volatile waves.

After he left, we bought a boat and visited a different lighthouse every weekend.

In hospital, I hold your hand, crepey brown like a treasure map and wait for you to find your star.


About the author: Jo Withers writes short fiction for children and adults. Her recent work appears in The Caterpillar, Molotov Cocktail, Milk Candy Review and Ellipsis Zine. Her work was recently chosen for inclusion in Best Microfiction 2020.


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