September 2023 Monthly Micro Winners

Well done again to all who made it through to the shortlist this month and congratulations to our winners!

First Prize: Why My Big Sister Won ‘The City of The Future’ Art Competition by Mairead Robinson

Why we chose it: A sad and timely, but also hopeful micro

Second Prize: Two Boys, One Book, In Jim Crow’s Jackson by Fiona Dignan

Why we chose it: A poignant and powerful micro

People’s Prize: Two boys, one book, in Jim Crow’s Jackson

(Winner by just one vote this month!)

Shortlisted Stories

Mairead and Fiona win the cash prizes and Fiona also wins feedback on 1000 words.

We have a new workshop on the first Sunday of the month related to this competition for our community members to sharpen up their micro writing skills and get the prompt ahead of it going live on the website the next day. Join the community here.