Sept 2023 Monthly Micro Longlist

Many thanks to everyone who sent a story this month. It’s a very quiet month and only 57 entries received. Many of them are anecdotes, or jokes, rather than stories. We know the word count is small but we do need a sense of movement, and a story arc. We really encourage you to take advantage of the free trial next month to attend the new Monthly Micro workshop Debbi is running! Or you can sign up now and watch the recordings of the past 2 workshops she ran.

That said, we also read some fab stories and they are on our longlist. The cash prizes this month are £62 for 1st place and £41 for second.

Longlisted Stories

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Displacement
  • Cycle of Love
  • Hindsight
  • Home by a Different Road
  • Humanity
  • I Am Used
  • Instruction manual for ‘fitting in’ at your new school
  • Meeting Point
  • My name was different
  • Needs Must
  • Quiet
  • Shades of Grey
  • Tainted Love, Top of the Pops, Sunny View Rest Home 1981
  • The Box of Fingered LongingTainted Love, Top of the Pops, Sunny View Rest Home 1981
  • The Measure of a Man’s Worth
  • Two boys, one book, in Jim Crow’s Jackson
  • Why My Big Sister Won ‘The City of The Future’ Art Competition
  • Your Time Is Running Wild