If You’re Trying This Hard to Salvage Your Marriage Should You Call It a Crusade?

Fiona McKay

A woodpecker could have made the hole in the tree, but there are none here and I’ve only seen them in cartoons.

We made this expedition – a sort of date-night by day – sitting beside each other in the car, facing forward, all the better to talk, but we don’t.

We don’t read the guide, wandering through the sculpture garden in the wrong direction, like prophets, or drunks.

I lie awake thinking how to spin this for the therapist. Is it communication? Forgiveness?

You sleep with your hands folded on your chest, holding love like a shield or maybe a sword.

This story won Second Prize in the June 2021 Monthly Micro Fiction Competition.

About the author: Fiona McKay lives and writes beside the sea in Dublin, Ireland. Words now or soon in Blinkpot, 50wordstories, FlashFlood Journal, 5minutelit, Sledgehammer Lit, Funny Pearls, Tl;dr Anthology.