Running Away Themed Flash Results

Thanks to everyone on the shortlist for your patience while I read your stories again. It’s been a tough decision but I now have the results…


Winner: The Names Of Stars by Rosie Garland

Why I chose it: The unexpectedness of what happens when the narrator hides in the loft during a family Christmas gathering is excellent. Love how the star signifies the distance the narrator really wants to run from her situation. And that the ending poses as many questions as it answers. Beautiful use of language too, a really light touch on a dark subject. Great stuff.

Read it here


Runner-Up: How Not To Feel by Mary Thompson

Why I chose it: Love the disjointed sentences that show how disconnected the narrator is from what she’s doing as she’s all consumed with the emotions she’s feeling about something else. It perfectly captures the human desire to numb pain in ways that end up causing more.

Read it here


Runner-Up: The Hanging Tree by Lucinda Hart

Why I chose it: Beautiful, atmospheric writing that makes the situation timeless. It could have been set in any era and it is only the final line that reveals that we knew who it was all along.

Read it here



Well done to all the writers who made the shortlist too. I really enjoyed all your stories:

  • Resolution by Jac Harmon
  • The Book Group by Nancy Ludmerer
  • The Bunker by Claire Whatley
  • Unfinished by David Osgood


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