Protest themed flash shortlist

Many thanks to all that entered this competition. The theme didn’t seem so popular this time around and we received less than half the number of entries we normally do. Any feedback on the themes would be great so do drop us a line at to let us know what you think of them. So we have gone straight to a shortlist this time.

But the standard of stories that we did receive was as high as ever so well done to our shortlist. I’ll be re-reading them all and will have results in November. Readings are still anonymous at this stage so please don’t let us know the name of your story if it appears here. We received more than one just called Protest so that one could belong to a few people!

Protest themed flash shortlist

  1. Dice of Life
  2. FAB
  3. Iconoclast Orangutan
  4. I Just Want To Say
  5. Lumpen
  6. No Nazis On Our Streets
  7. No Thin Blue Line
  8. Protest
  9. Summation
  10. Ted, Sylvia
  11. The Candidate
  12. The Protest


The next theme is Running Away and the deadline is 30th December. There’s £400 in prizes available and publication on the website. Get all the info here. 


4 thoughts on “Protest themed flash shortlist

  1. Jeanette Everson says:

    Hi Amanda, I thought the theme was good, but have simply been to busy with life to write anything much so haven’t entered anything in ages. I tried to protest about working too much to write but I didn’t have time…

    • Amanda Saint says:

      Ha ha! Thanks for the feedback. Sorry life is too busy for you to write. I know the feeling. I have a novel sitting in a drawer that’s been waiting and waiting for me to get on and edit it.

  2. Jennifer riddalls says:

    September was a mammoth competition:deadline month, not sure why. I noticed how many flash fiction journals I wanted to submit to was way way higher than average. So probably that and nothing to do with the theme. Sept is mad for flash!

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