Pitch to Win 2022 Winners

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their pitches for the novels they’d like to write with help from our courses and mentoring. There really are a lot of brilliant novels being written.

We’ve had a difficult choice to make picking the three winners from our shortlist. All of the pitches had so much that was great about them. So well done to all and congratulations to our winners!

First Prize: The Time It Takes To Paint A Picture by Claire Schön

Claire’s winning pitch:

Becky and Lisa rekindle their friendship online after twenty-five years. Encouraged by Lisa, Becky changes her life, only to discover Lisa died some time ago.

Why we chose it: Instantly connects us to the characters, sets up huge scope for conflict and poses so many questions! Who is pretending to be Lisa and why have they targeted Becky? What has Becky done to change her life and what does she do when she finds out the truth? We want to know! Really looking forward to working with Claire to develop this novel.

Claire wins a place on our year-long, online Novel Creator Course.

Second Prize: The Death Of Doris Dainty by Anne Hamilton

Anne’s winning pitch:

For sixty years, twins and ex-Magdalene Laundry girls, Annie and Zeta, planned the perfect murder. Except now it’s all spoiled – because they haven’t been caught…

Why we chose it: Stories with twins always have so much scope for intrigue and mystery and one with a perfect murder at the heart of it instantly sets our minds off on loads of different paths. And the fact that these women want to get caught is so intriguing. Can’t wait to find out more!

Anne wins the Start Your Novel online course with a mentoring session.

Third Prize: Duty of Care by Sally Curtis

Sally’s winning pitch:

When multiple scandals rock a school, the Principal’s own lawless secrets face exposure. Murder is the only option, but someone is watching her every move.

Why we chose it: Multiple scandals, a murdering school principle and someone who suspects what she’s up to give us so much conflict. Plus there’s the added layer of the murderer being someone who should be looking after the kids in her school.

Sally wins two mentoring sessions: a Structure & Plot Surgery with C.M. Taylor and a Character Clinic with Amanda Saint.

Well done to everyone who was shortlisted, longlisted and sent a pitch!

The 2022-23 Novel Creator Course starts in September if you’d like to write, or revise, a draft with 1-1 mentoring, support and motivation all the way through!