Opening Lines 2023 Winners

Well done again to everyone who made the shortlist – there is so much to love about all of the chapters that we’ve read.

We’re delighted to announce that our winners are:

First Place: From Whence You Came by Antonia Parker-Jones

Why we chose it: Excellent narrative voice that draws you straight in and connects you to the narrator of the novel and really good tension set up with the questions about what the police want her for now, and what happened in the past. We wanted to read on – really great stuff!

Second Place: Bali 530780 by Stephanie Cotela

Why we chose it: Instant connection with the seemingly well-to-do narrator who has somehow gone from sipping cocktails on the beach to being in a Balinese prison. We want to know how she got there!

Third Place: The Sisi Murders by Claire Schön

Why we chose it: Tense tone and atmosphere right from the opening lines that sets up a great narrative drive and we really want to know what the narrator is planning!

Antonia wins an editorial report on her full MS up to 80K words; Stephanie wins an editorial report on her first 10K words; and Claire wins feedback on her first chapter.

Well done to all! We’ll be back with the 2024 competition info later this year!