Opening Lines 2023 Comp Longlist

Many thanks to everyone who entered this year and for your patience while the longlist announcement came. It’s a bit late as Amanda had a family bereavement in April so is behind with everything. But here now is the longlist! No telling which is yours if it is listed here as reading is anonymous until the final decision is made.

Longlisted Novels

  • A Murder of Crows
  • Ailsa Sees Ghosts
  • Bali 530780
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • Black Hole Ltd
  • Blessed Women
  • Bringing Janey Home
  • Cafe Cantarella
  • Daughters of London
  • Dead Wood
  • Eliza’s Corner
  • Fame & Fortune
  • From whence you came
  • In from the Cold
  • Incredible Fortune
  • Monkeys in Heaven
  • Nine Moons over Unstlar Isle
  • Out of the Sproutyard
  • Owl Light
  • Pale & Strain
  • Savage Sun
  • The Contrabandist
  • The Fabulous Fiascos of Pistu Mundela
  • The Fracturing Ice
  • The Last Saturday in July
  • The Palace
  • The Sisi Murders
  • The Smell of Pearls
  • The Strange Talent of Madeleine Mallarkey
  • Tipping Point
  • When I Was
  • When Soft Voices Die

We’ll be back with the shortlist soon – good luck everyone!

In the meantime, it’s the last few days to send us your novel pitch to win a place on our year long Novel Creator course. This year’s contest closes on 8th May!