Creative Writing Courses

Our online creative writing courses are designed and delivered by published, award-winning authors who are also experienced teachers and editors. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have already written many stories, our online creative writing courses can help you take your writing to the next level and become a more confident writer. Discounts are available on our courses for members of our Community. Or we have a Crazy About Courses membership package that includes 6 of them to work through in your own time. See all the membership packages here.

If you’re not already a member of the community, buying a course will also give you access to our lively, friendly and supportive community where we hold lots of live online events designed to help you develop your writing.

Any questions before booking, email us and we’ll be happy to help!

Novel Writing Courses

The Novel CreatorStart Your Novel

Our year-long, fully mentored course will show you the tools novelist use and help you write, edit and pitch your novel. Includes detailed editorial feedback on the draft you write and agent introductions. Spaces limited to 18 writers.

Applications for the 2022 start date are now open. Come write your novel with us!

A condensed version of the Novel Creator Course to help you get started with your novel. You’ll get tools and resources to help you develop a compelling plot and memorable characters. With or without a 1-hour mentoring session.

Start anytime and work at your own pace to start a new novel or revise a first draft.

The Mini Novel Course

A 6-week course to get you started with writing your novel. You’ll discover tools to plan and plot your novel, get to know your characters and the world they inhabit and start writing some chapters.

Next start date: 20th June 2022

Flash Fiction Courses

The Flash MiniThe Novella-in-Flash Course

A fun and intensive 3-days of flash workshops where the focus is on generating new drafts to edit later. Join Amanda Saint and Mary-Jane Holmes for a weekend of flash fun with each day featuring craft discussions, readings for inspiration and 2 writing prompts. Plus send a story for detailed feedback after.

Next start date: TBC

Our novella-in-flash course will help you get started with a new novella-in-flash project. Whether you’ve already got an idea you want to work on, or want help to find an idea, this course will enable you to plan your story, write some of the flash fictions within it and give you the confidence to complete the first draft.

Next start date: TBC

Fantastic FlashingExperiments in Flash

A 10-tutorial course designed to find new ways to approach writing flash fiction stories. Focused on generating new stories. Content accessible 24/7, work at the time that suits you best. Group course with forum and feedback from course tutor, Amanda Saint, and the other writers on the course. Or work alone option to start anytime.

Work alone option available to start anytime

Next group start date: TBC

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How the universe works  and what we’re here for is a question that humans have asked themselves forever. Spiritual traditions and science all have ideas about the answers to these questions and we’ll be using some of them in this 6-week course as inspiration for experimenting with story ideas and flash fiction. Includes forum and optional Zoom sessions.

Work alone option available to start anytime

Next group start date: TBC

Short Story Courses

The Heart of the Short StoryThe Five Elements of Fiction

Discover the secrets to writing great short stories with award-winning author, Amanda Huggins, through 6 in-depth tutorials with prompts and readings. Plus feedback on stories you write. Join the group course for interaction with Amanda and fellow writers or choose the work alone option to start anytime.

Work alone option available to start anytime

Next group start date: TBC

The five elements at the heart of the Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This 6-week online course with Amanda Saint will use the characteristics associated with each element to find new ways to inspire stories and create memorable narrators.

Work alone option is coming soon

Next group start date: 6th June 2022