Online Creative Writing Courses

Develop your novel, short story and flash fiction writing

Retreat West provides a whole range of online creative writing courses to help you develop both your novel writing and your short story writing. Designed and delivered by published authors, they will help you create believable characters and worlds and write stories that will keep your readers enthralled.

From short classes looking at individual elements of novel writing and perfecting your prose, to longer courses that will help you write a whole novel, Retreat West courses will help you become a better and more confident writer.

Start Your Novel Course

A 6-week course to plan a novel and get to know your characters and the world they live in. Start anytime.

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Novel Writing Classes

Short online classes looking at plotting, characterisation and the worlds your characters live in. Start anytime.

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Fantastic Flashing

A 2-week intensive and immersive course to get you creating lots of new flash fiction stories by experimenting with voice and style. Work with up to 10 other writers on the collaborative courses or start anytime when you work by yourself.

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Don’t Make Me Stop! How To Write a Page Turner

A 6-week intensive course that will help you write stories that keep readers gripped. Start anytime.

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Brilliant Beginnings (1 module masterclass)

Marvelous Middles (1 module masterclass)

Excellent Endings (1 module masterclass)

Writing Good Sex (1 module masterclass)

Writing Through the Senses (1 module masterclass)