One Bluebottle on a Windowsill

Rachel Canwell

Funny how one dead bluebottle on a windowsill can change the very oxygen of a room. How it makes me light headed, heartsore and sick.

Just that one perfect imperfection on which to spin the story of a day.

It’s like a single footprint in freshly fallen snow. Like a chip in bone china. Or a smudge on the glass.

Like receipts in your pocket for a place we’ve never been. Like the shrill repetition of midnight calls. And dead phone lines. Like bumping, unexpectedly, into old friends.

Like lipstick on collars and unexpected delays.

And other reminders of you.

About the author: Rachel Canwell is a writer and teacher living in Cumbria. She is currently working on a flash collection and her first novel which was shortlisted for the Retreat West Pitch to Win 2021. Her short fiction has been published in Sledgehammer Lit, Pigeon Review and The Birdseed amongst others. Website – Twitter – @bookbound2019