October 2023 Monthly Micro Winners

Well done to everyone that made this month’s shortlist and huge congrats to our winners!

First Place: Eclipse by Polly Foster

Why we chose it: Loved the original take on the theme and the solar, lunar and cosmic imagery.

Second Place: The Burning Question by John Holmes

Why we chose it: Lovely uplifting story with a good question at its heart about the fluidity of both language and this human experience.

People’s Prize: Never Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger by Alison Wassell

Shortlisted Stories

Polly and John win the cash prizes, Alison wins a free ticket to our next Online Flash Fest, and everyone who was shortlisted wins a free entry into the next Monthly Micro.

Next month is the final Monthly Micro of 2023 as we have December off so let’s make it a good one! The prompt will go live on Monday 6th November but our community members will get it on Sunday 5th November in the Monthly Micro Workshop dedicated to helping you develop your micro craft! Join the community here.