We had 100 entries so first prize is ¬£150 and second prize is ¬£100, with the people’s prize to be decided. Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their words. We enjoyed reading them all. Well done to our longlist below. No telling which is yours though! The shortlist will be published on Monday.

Longlisted Stories

  1. Anatomy for Astrologers
  2. Coins Are the Most Commonly Swallowed Objects
  3. Each Autumn I Face a Dilemma Over a Pair of Gloves
  4. Energy Saving is Added to the Curriculum 
  5. Freedom Day
  6. I polished all our shoes on Saturday evenings
  7. is there no relapse of time one gives to symbolism
  8. Father
  9. Levelling Up
  10. Monster Truck
  11. Moonlight on the Thames
  12. Moonshine Confessional
  13. Night Light
  14. One for Sorrow
  15. Seeing is Believing
  16. Shards Sharp as Diamonds
  17. The day you polished Daddy’s boots and made them shine
  18. The Gifts of the Magi
  19. The journey of motherhood mapped out by shiny things
  20. The Perfect Cube
  21. The Person Standing Next to Me in the Vegetable Aisle is Jesus
  22. The Shining
  23. This end of the street
  24. When the Lovely Assistant jumped the box
  25. When the Penny Drops

Good luck everyone! We’ll have the shortlist on Monday.