November 2021 Monthly Micro Results

Well the final comp of 2021 has been a nail biter! There were two stories in the People’s Prize vote that kept swapping first and second place and our judging team was pretty divided in our votes for the winners too. But we finally reached a consensus!

Many congratulations to all of the shortlisted writers and well done to our winners. First prize is £132, second prize is £88 and the People’s Prize is 3 Retreat West paperback books of the winner’s choice. All of the writers who were shortlisted and didn’t win won of the cash prizes or the People’s Prize win a free entry to the next Monthly Micro competition.

First Prize: The Shadows Cast by Silent Stacks by Charles Prelle

Why we chose it: Such a vivid world and characters created in these 100 words and we loved the imagery, the take on the theme and the sense of a much bigger story going on.

Second Prize: She Is Everywhere and Nowhere by Kimberley Shiel

Why we chose it: Loved the sense of how the past creates the future and the feeling of loss and longing flowing through the story. We really want to know if she makes the right choice.

People’s Prize Winner: A Man With a Cracked Heart Walks into a Bar by Sharon Boyle

You chose this one and it was also a hot contender for our top spot too!

Shortlisted Stories

A Sign of the Times by Stephen Gallagher — Read it here

Consolations by Kate MacCarthy — Read it here

If Life Was a Circus, You Were My Clown by Julia Ruth Smith — Read it here

One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told by Sally Doherty — Read it here

The Colours of Doors by Elle Symonds — Read it here

We Watch Each Other for the Signs by Joanne Key — Read it here

Words Slapped on a Garden Sign: Reap What You Sow by Connie Boland — Read it here

You Are Entering the Tunnel of Love by Frances Gapper — Read it here