Retreat West Novel Writing Masterclasses

If you’re struggling to get going writing a novel or have got started but need help with individual elements then these masterclasses can help you get to grips with it. They are standalone modules of the Start Your Novel online course and each class is delivered to your email inbox when you sign up.

We’ve recently reviewed the price of courses at Retreat West and have reduced the costs to make the more affordable for writers. 

Course tutor

Amanda Saint is a novelist, short writer and the founder of Retreat West. She is also the commissioning editor and publisher at Retreat West Books. Her debut novel, As If I Were A River, was a NetGalley Top 10 Book of the Month and a Book Magnet Blog Top 20 Book of 2016. Her new novel, Remember Tomorrow, is publishing in February 2019. Amanda designed and teaches several online courses and teaches live workshops at literary festivals and writing retreats. She has helped many writers who have gone on to get published to develop their work. Amanda works closely with Jericho Writers to deliver the Ultimate Novel Writing Course, which she designed with the author and screenwriter, CM Taylor.


Plotting for Pantsers

The Easy 10-Point Plot

Cost: £25 (was £40)

This 1-module novel plotting class is for writers who don’t like to plot.

You’ll create an easy 10-point plot that’s aligned to story structure. It can be used to help you write a first draft and also to revise later drafts that need some plotting help.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to pace and plot your novel while still allowing the freedom to be creative within it
  • How to ensure your plot is driven by and aligned with your narrator’s journey
  • When to speed things up and slow things down
  • How to plot a story that will keep readers turning the page

You’ll get the course content delivered via email with readings, exercises and content that will help you tame your inner pantser and easily plot your novel.

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Creating Complex Characters

Write characters readers never forget

Cost: £50 (was £80)

This 2-module characterisation masterclass will help you to write complex characters that readers will relate to and remember.

You’ll get to know your characters inside and out so they’ll jump off the page and seem like real people.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create characters that are complex, contradictory and consistent
  • How they behave in their relationships with other characters
  • What makes them tick
  • How they’ll react in different situations

You’ll get the course content delivered via email with readings, exercises and content that will help you write unforgettable, complex and empathetic characters.

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Creating a World

Write landscape and settings that are more than just description

Cost: £25 (was £40)

This 1-module landscape and setting writing masterclass will help you to place your characters in a believable world.

You’ll really get to know where your characters live so you can make your readers see it, smell it and hear it.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to write landscape and settings that creates atmosphere
  • Why your descriptive writing needs to be more than just description and how to do that
  • Why the world you create and how you write about it should tie in with your novel themes
  • How your descriptive writing can be tie in with your plot

You’ll get the content delivered via email with readings, exercises and content that will help you to create a vivid and believable world for your novel.

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