MUSIC: themed flash winners

Our judge FJ Morris was wowed by the standard of entries, so a massive congratulations to our winner and runner’s up!

Winner: Shapes of Sounds by Poppy Lyle
FJ Morris said: I was well and truly serenaded while reading these music-filled wonders. Shapes of Sounds rang out to me and resonated in my ear and heart. It begins with a cornucopia of imagery and sounds, using onomatopoeic words that sizzle in your mind’s ear. It gets straight into the story with purpose, clarity and voice. Even though it’s about a person losing their hearing, the story is full of love, beauty and hope, which is not an easy thing to pull off. It’s a story we all need right now.

Author bio: Poppy Lyle is a tall single mother who grew up in London, but has recently moved to Brighton. She works for the Mayor of London, fixing air pollution.

Runner-Up: On The Tideline, A Piano by Sam Payne

FJ Morris said: On The Tideline, A Piano waltzes onto the page with great atmosphere and confidence. The imagery of the washed-up piano lingers long after the final note. 

Author bio: Sam Payne is a writer living in Devon. Her work has appeared in Spelk, Reflex and Popshot Quarterly. Her twitter account is @skpaynewriting

Runner-Up: A Shoebox Full of Love Letters by Rob McIvor

FJ Morris said: A Shoebox Full of Love Letters cleverly uses mix-tape recording styles to mirror the narrator’s ex-boyfriends’ personalities, and leaves you wondering about the music of love.

Author bio: Rob McIvor lives in Blackheath, London, with his family and two attention-seeking cats. He is currently dreading the prospect of editing the next draft of an over-ambitious first novel and dreaming of cycling in the mountains once again.