Music: Themed Flash Longlist

Thank you to everyone who entered — and if your story title appears below, congratulations! Please don’t tell us if you’re longlisted though, as we’re still reading anonymously!

  1. 4’33” Performed on a Summer’s Day in 433 words
  2. A Lone Musician is Not Always a Soloist
  3. A Shoebox Full of Love Letters
  4. A SiMPle ScaLe
  5. Bruce Springsteen Always Make Me Think of Chicken
  6. Debbie Harry Saved My Life
  7. Forgetting to Heal
  8. If Our Relationship Were a Song
  9. Imposter Madonna
  10. Intermezzo
  11. Kaleidoscope
  12. Lambs of God
  13. Loomer
  14. Maybe I’m Amazed
  15. Mayim
  16. Not Every ‘Crazy Diamond’ Can Shine
  17. On the Tideline, a Piano
  18. Perfectionment
  19. Shapes of Sound
  20. Sonata for a Son
  21. Songs are Like Tattoos
  22. The Big One
  23. The Spaces Between
  24. Vitula
  25. What Bach Tastes Like

We’ll announce the shortlist by the end of August… Good luck!