More So

S. B. Borgersen

You hated geometry at school. Calculus, more so.

You loved your gold braided, forest green blazer with the inside pocket. The hunky maths teacher, more so.

His garlic breath was unexpected as he closed in to guide you through complex calculations. His hairy-backed hand closing over your slender pale one didn’t give you the buzz you’d anticipated. How he managed to slip the note into your inside pocket will always be a mystery. Why you didn’t shiver as his hand brushed your left breast, more so.

Shoeboxes full of love notes, great for your memoirs. But fiction, more so.

About the author: S.B. Borgersen is a Canadian author and poet originally from England. She shares her home with her patient husband and three rowdy dogs. Her favoured genres are micro and flash fiction, and poetry, being regularly published internationally. It all began in 1958 in her school magazine. Sue’s books scheduled for publication by Unsolicited Press are: Fishermen’s Fingers, an e-novella, late 2020. While the Kettle Boils, her collection of micro fictions, and Of Daisies and Dead Violins, collected poems, both in 2021.