Monthly Micro Fiction competition: winners

Here’s to this month’s micro fiction winners — congratulations! Well done to everyone who entered, too; as ever, we loved reading your stories.

First place: A Dead Man’s Thesaurus by Jan Brown

Author bio: Jan Brown is a fair-weather writer of flash fiction. She’s enjoyed success with Retreat West and other writing competitions, stories buried somewhere in the archives, and has had two pieces published to date.

Second place: More So by S.B. Borgersen

Author bio: S.B. Borgersen is a Canadian author and poet originally from England. She shares her home with her patient husband and three rowdy dogs. Her favoured genres are micro and flash fiction, and poetry, being regularly published internationally. It all began in1958 in her school magazine. Sue’s books scheduled for publication by Unsolicited Press are: Fishermen’s Fingers, an e-novella, late 2020. While the Kettle Boils, her collection of micro fictions, and Of Daisies and Dead Violins, collected poems, both in 2021. 

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