Micro Fiction Competition: July longlist

Thank you to everyone who entered. We received 125 entries this time, and it was a pleasure to read them all.

If your story title appears below, congratulations! Please don’t tell us if you’re longlisted though, as we’re still reading anonymously!

  1. A Recipe for Domestic Abuse
  2. A Recipe for Mango Salsa to Serve at Your Husband’s Work Barbecue
  3. A Tale of Two Mangoes
  4. Bufeo Colorado
  5. Carpe Diem
  6. Cost of Progress
  7. Do Not Open Anything Until You’ve Paid For It
  8. Flesh and Blood
  9. Fruitless
  10. Her Mango
  11. Kitchen Warfare
  12. Last Chance to See the Only Mango in the World
  13. Lest We Perish
  14. Mangoes
  15. Memorabilia
  16. Mum Eats Mangoes in the Summer
  17. My American Boyfriend Dehydrates the Damned Mangoes
  18. Only Some Girls Eat Mango in Bradford
  19. Other People’s Houses
  20. Relationship with Mangoes
  21. Ripening
  22. Still Life with Mangoes
  23. Survive
  24. Sweet Flesh
  25. Tattoos of Neglect
  26. The Delicate Chemical Imbalance of Life
  27. The First Fruit of the Season
  28. The Mango in Her Lunchbox
  29. The Memory of Mango
  30. The Taste of Mango
  31. The Journey to Perfect Ripeness is Greater than the Width of an Ocean
  32. There Are So Few Soft Things
  33. What Lies Beneath
  34. When the Girl on Seventh Avenue Offers You a Mango

We’ll announce the shortlist by 20th July… Watch this space, and good luck!