Meet The Writer – Tim Craig

Today on our blog we have a Q & A with writer Tim Craig, who will be giving the opening talk at our online flash fest this month:


What made you choose this particular topic for your session?

I chose this because I think surprise – in all its various guises – is at the heart of what Flash is all about. It’s an important factor in themes and characters, form and language choice, beginnings, endings and just in the way a flash story breaches out from the blank page, glistening and fully formed. 

What do you hope participants will get out of it?

If it’s not too grand an aspiration, I hope people will come away with a heightened sense of the game we play with our readers – and how much the notion of surprise contributes to their delight.

Do you have a favourite piece of writing that reflects this topic? Either your own or someone else’s.

So many. But – to me – ‘The Weather in San Francisco’ by Richard Brautigan is one whole glorious surprise. Every time.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’ve been doing more reading than writing lately, but I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s the same thing, just in reverse.  

Where can we find out more about you and your writing?

My debut collection of microfiction, ‘Now You See Him,’ came out last year and is available from the mighty Ad Hoc Fiction, and also on Amazon.

Originally from Manchester, Tim Craig lives in London. A previous winner of the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction, his stories have placed or been commended four times in the Bath Flash Fiction Award and have been selected for the Best Microfiction 2019 and 2022 anthologies. His debut collection ‘Now You See Him’ was published in 2022 by AdHoc Fiction.