March Monthly Micro Winners

Congratulations again to the writers of our 10 shortlisted stories. Here are the results!

First Prize Winner: Seeds by Georgia Cook

Why we chose it: We loved the imagery in this and the idea of growing up meaning taking root in a very different way.

Second Prize Winner: Kherson, Ukraine 24th February 2022 by Paddy Gillies

Why we chose it: We chose this for the wonderful way it got across its powerful message that despite perceived differences, we are all the same.

People’s Prize Winners: Seeds by Georgia Cook AND If I Am Lucky Enough to Grow Old by Kathryn Crowley

Shortlisted Stories

How Love Grows by Paddy Gillies – Read it here

Next Door to Grandad by Elle Symonds – Read it here

A Daughter Helps Her Father Think Outside the Box by Susan Wigmore – Read it here

An Introduction to Some Common British Lichens by Sarah Royston – Read it here

The Raven Haired Girl by Gail Warrick Cox – Read it here

When the Season of new Life Comes Round Again by Liv Norman – Read it here

So Sorry About Neil’s Footprints by Trevor Edwards – Read it here

Georgia and Paddy win the cash prizes and Georgia and Kathryn each win a day ticket to the September online FlashFest.

Well done to everyone!

We’ll be back with the next Monthly Micro prompt on 4th April.