The Making of a Militant

Kathryn Ratzko

She found the bird under the tree, dying, its leg broken by the netting. She shouted that she didn’t like cherries anyway. Her dad laughed, said it was just a sparrow, then went back to reading his paper.

The next day she took scissors from the kitchen drawer and dragged the heavy stepladder from the shed. She placed it under the tree.

Her mum found her on the lawn. By the time her dad got home, her leg was in plaster.

When she looked out of the window in the morning, she saw the netting had gone, and she smiled.

Kathryn Ratzko completed a Certificate in Creative Writing with York University after retiring ten years ago. She has been long-listed, short-listed and highly commended in flash fiction and poetry including Flash 500, Retreat West and Grindstone Literary. She enjoys performing at open mic venues in Manchester.