June Micro Longlist

Thanks so much to all who entered your “shrink” inspired stories. We had 88 entries so first prize is £132 and second prize is £88, with the people’s prize to be decided. The shortlist will be published on Monday

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their words. We enjoyed reading them all. Well done to our longlist below. No telling which is yours though!

Longlisted Stories

  1. Diorama of a Better Little Life
  2. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  3. Ice Time
  4. In the Aftermath of a Supernova
  5. In the Field of My Mind
  6. In the Fineprint, a New Postscript
  7. Miss Lacy
  8. Mollie’s Memories of Her Shrinking Father
  9. No Longer Alone
  10. Safety First
  11. Searching
  12. The Big White Furry Fatalist
  13. The Day Before a Foreclosure
  14. The. Dollhouse
  15. The Human Geography of Depopulation in Spanish Inland Villages
  16. Tinder Encounters of the Fully Disclosed Kind
  17. Tiny Hands
  18. Tiny Hippos
  19. What the Fisherman Knows About the Oceaongrapher
  20. Wind-trackers
  21. Words From a Time Traveller

Good luck everyone! We’ll have the shortlist on Monday.