July Monthly Micro Winners

Congratulations again to all of the shortlisted authors. Here are the winners!

First Prize Winner: Astrometry by Paddy Gillies

Why we chose it: This story encompasses both colossal moments and small, intimate ones in a beautifully poignant micro.

Second Prize Winner: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle by Anne Soilleux

Why we chose it: This story captures adolescent angst and wondering so well, with a brilliant open-ended finish.

People’s Prize Winner: Astrometry by Paddy Gillies!

Shortlisted Stories

Between Iris and the Ocean by Eleanor Luke – Read it here

I Advise You to Put Your Affairs in Order by Paddy Gillies – Read it here

The Collector’s Wife by Jackie Morris – Read it here

The child bride’s action plan in case of a tsunami by Sarah Barnett – Read it here

Abilene’s Heatwave, 2012 by Sally Simon – Read it here

The Waving Woman by Alison Wassell – Read it here

Reclaim the Night by Kathryn Clark – Read it here

What I Realised Van Gogh Was Telling Me When I Looked at Green Wheat Fields, Auvers, 1890 by Catherine Ogston – Read it here

Paddy and Anne win the cash prizes, and Paddy also wins a day ticket to our September flash fiction festival .

Well done to everyone!

We’ll be back with the next Monthly Micro prompt in September as we are taking August off 🙂