July Monthly Micro Longlist

Thanks to a ‘wave’ of support for this month’s micro comp, we had 110 entries so first prize is £165 and second prize is £110, with the people’s prize to be decided. The shortlist will be published on Monday

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their words. We enjoyed reading them all. Well done to our longlist below. No telling which is yours though!

Longlisted Stories

  1. A Big Fan
  2. A Filth of Starlings Eating Grass Seed in Harry and Shona’s Garden
  3. A Fisherman’s Wife: The Morning After
  4. Abilene’s Heatwave, 2012
  5. Above the Waves
  6. Astrometry
  7. Between Iris and the Ocean
  8. Caught in a Gravitational Wave
  9. Considerations About How to Approach Love
  10. Eighth Day
  11. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
  12. I Advise You to Put Your Affairs in Order
  13. I Don’t Like Coming Here Anymore
  14. Most Bodies Are Found By Dogwalkers
  15. Radio Silenced
  16. Reclaim The Night
  17. Searching For The Girl With The Wavy Hair
  18. The Child Bride’s Action Plan in Case of a Tsunami
  19. The Collector’s Wife
  20. The Comeback
  21. The Crossing
  22. The Lost Art Of The Permanent Wave
  23. The Photo’s Still on The Fridge. It Wasn’t Free.
  24. The Waving Woman
  25. We Are All Made Of Sand
  26. What a Heatwave Will Expose
  27. When I Realised Van Gogh Was Telling Me While I Looked at Green Wheat Field, Aivers, 1890
  28. “Why Do They Do This?”
  29. Women Against Violence Event (W.A.V.E.)

Good luck everyone! We’ll have the shortlist on Monday.