July 2023 Monthly Micro Winners

Well done again to all who made it through to the shortlist this month and congratulations to our winners! Yet again someone has scooped a cash prize and the People’s Prize!

First Prize: The day after the moon landing, a dry-eyed GI bride stands next to an open casket in Clovis, New Mexico by Anne Soilleux

Why we chose it: Love the subtle approach to the prompt, the fantastic imagery and lovely sensory writing.

Second Prize and People’s Prize: The Net Worth of Mary-Jane Casey by Claire Travers Smith

Why we chose it: Another great take on the prompt and it’s sad, poignant and full of love.

Shortlisted Stories

  • All the things Beth from the corner shop told me when she first saw my bruises: by Eleanor Luke – Read it here
  • Because…their faces never betray how they really feel by Sharon Boyle – Read it here
  • Da Always Said He Would Take me Shrimping by Katie Holloway – Read it here
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend by Fiona Dignan – Read it here
  • Elsie Bickerstaffe’s Window by Alison Wassell – Read it here
  • How to tell my father I want to be an accountant by Fiona Dignan – Read it here
  • Study of an Empty Children’s Play Park After Summer Rain by Mairead Robinson – Read it here
  • The Making of a Militant by Kathryn Ratzko – Read it here

Anne and Claire win the cash prizes and Claire also wins a ticket to the next Online Flash Fest!

We have a new workshop on the first Sunday of the month related to this competition for our community members to sharpen up their micro writing skills and get the prompt ahead of it going live on the website the next day.

This comp doesn’t run in August so we’ll be back in September with the next prompt. The workshop will be at 19.30 UK time on 3rd September. You can join the community on a free trial to test us out! Info here.