Jo Withers

For Light is Energy and Cannot Be Destroyed, Only Transformed

Reflecting – I could have done more. You seemed happier. I shouldn’t have left you alone.

Refracting – The funeral priest calls you sinner, pleads forgiveness for the way you left the world. At home, I scratch holes into the bible: God said“Let there be light” and there waslight. God separated light from darkness.

Scattering – I take your ashes to the hidden cove at sunset. I read poetry, remember laughter. I tip your urn into the water, you sparkle on the iridescent tide.

Radiating – I gaze skyward. Your light has left Earth, in 1.3 seconds it will reach the moon.


This story was shortlisted in the February 2022 Monthly Micro Competition.

About the author: Jo Withers writes short fiction for open minds. Previous work appears in Smokelong, Molotov Cocktail, No Contact and Ghost Parachute amongst other places.