January 22 Monthly Micro Winners

Congratulations again to the writers of our 10 shortlisted stories. We have had a wild ride in the People’s Prize voting this month with several stories moving in and out of the top spot in the early part of the week. Then a couple of stories started edging out in front and then those two constantly swapped places for the winning spot. The winner won by just 2 votes in the end!

Our judging team has gone against the grain this month and for the first time in ages, we haven’t picked the same story as the voters. But we really enjoyed them all and it’s always a tough decision to make.

Anyway, here are the results!

First Prize Winner: The Anatomist’s Bride by Anne Soilleux

Why we chose it: Fantastic dark and creepy take on the theme that uses all the senses and has a great narrative voice. That final line is so ominous and gave us all the shivers.

Second Prize Winner: Treading on Memory in the Bottles’ Graveyard by Brid McGinley

Why we chose it: Love how evocative it is and how well it captures the way memories work in such beautiful language that transported us to this beach.

People’s Prize Winner: Grandpa’s Legacy by Kathryn Clark

Shortlisted Stories

Bottled Up by Donna L. Greenwood – Read it here

Formula by Susan Wigmore – Read it here

Grace by Stephen Gallagher – Read it here

Manningtree, Essex 1645 by Clare Marsh – Read it here

One Bluebottle on a Windowsill by Rachel Canwell – Read it here

Open Day At The Bottle Factory – David Shows His Daughter The Place Where He Is God by Alison Wassell – Read it here

Returning to Aleppo by Taria Karillion – Read it here

Anne and Brid win the cash prizes and Kathryn wins a year’s membership to our online community!

Well done to everyone!

We’ll be back with the next Monthly Micro prompt on 7th Feb.