Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results by Sarah Stretton

Multiple tracks were laid out around the living room at 4 Lowry Close, where four miniature steam trains were in motion, one for each quadruplet, driven by homemade peg dolls whose painted smiles drooped with each day they raced around the coffee table, the walls, the fireplace and the feet of the parents, who sat resigned on either end of the sofa in an ever-growing cloud of engine smog and violent tempers, and as the days passed the peg dolls splintered while waiting for the heat of summer to open a window so they could leap free, escape and forget.

About the author: Sarah Stretton writes flash fiction, short stories and poetry. She has been published in Oxford Poetry journal, Popshot Quarterly and MIRonline and is the winner of the Saveas International Prose Prize 2019. She is currently finishing a part-time MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University.