February 2022 monthly micro longlist.

Lots of you saw the light this month! We had 115 entries so first prize is £172 and second prize is £115, with the people’s prize to be decided!

The shortlist will be published on Monday

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their words. We enjoyed reading them all. Well done to our longlist below. No telling which is yours though!

Longlisted Stories

  1. Blight
  2. Brightness, Long Ago
  3. Ephemera
  4. Everyday Eulogy
  5. For Light is Energy and Cannot Be Destroyed, Only Transformed
  6. Glitter ball
  7. Hattie Feels Light as a Feather
  8. I Need More Light Down Here!
  9. Lights Off
  10. Light on the Dark Side of the Station Motel
  11. Main Street Wishes
  12. Send in the Clowns
  13. Straight Lines
  14. Summer in November
  15. Sunrise on Inkpen Beacon
  16. There is a Light That Sometimes Goes On
  17. The Ballad of Oranmore (or When Your Grandmother Knew I was the One)
  18. The Burden of Every Soul
  19. The Candlemaker’s Widow
  20. The Doll at the Top of the Stairs
  21. Three Bottles of Château Grandpa
  22. We Follow the Wolf Moon
  23. Words I Sign to My Five-Year-Old When They Stop Our Power

Good luck everyone! We’ll have the shortlist on Monday.