How To Hold An Umbrella

Ed. Amanda Saint

The winning stories in the 2019 Retreat West Short Story and Flash Fiction Prizes showcase some of the finest and most imaginative stories we’ve published to date. Enter worlds where it literally rains cats and dogs, national monuments uproot themselves and colours take on new meaning. Burgeoning relationships, violent secrets, old families and new friends all feature in stories that span breadth of human existence, and beyond. How To Hold An Umbrella will entertain, enlighten and enthrall as you navigate the lives of characters within these pages.

Featuring stories from: Emily Harrison, Bruce Meyer, Caroline Greene, Hannah Storm, Jason Jackson, Sherri Turner, Reshma Ruia, Sherry Morris, Timothy Boudreau, Niamh MacCabe, Jan Barker, Emma Hutton, Helen Eccles, Geoffrey Graves, Louise Farr, Clare Zinkin, Rhys Timson and James Northern.


ISBN: 978-1-8380430-2-5

Published: 10.09.2020


ISBN: 978-1-8380430-3-2

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“Funny, poignant and unsettling, these short fictions evoke worlds where nothing is quite as it seems.” – Rosie Garland, author of The Night Brother 

“Bold, vivid (and in many cases, darkly brilliant) stories, a joy to inhabit so many cleverly woven lives.” – Chloe Turner, author of Witches Sail in Eggshells