Homemade Weather

An anthology of novelettes-in-flash

Homemade Weather by Tom O’Brien

What The Fox Brings In Its Jaw by Ian O’Brien

The Impossibility Of Wings by Donna L Greenwood

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… a woman gives away parts of herself and struggles with the impossibility of it ever being enough.

… a man’s life is explored through a single defining moment and the tragedy that follows.

… a mother and daughter navigate a relationship shaped by resentment and love.

The human condition is laid bare in these spell-binding narratives that weave their way through dreams and reality, hope and regret, the past and the present.

The novelettes in this anthology are the winners of the 2020 Novelette-in-Flash Prize.

“These stories demonstrate the thin line we tread in life: between love and hate, friendship and enmity, escape and return.”

Damhnait Monaghan, Prize Judge and author of award-winning novella-in-flash, The Neverlands