Goodbye to all that by Dan Thomas

Goodbye to all that

Dan Thomas

There are 4 of them. All dressed in shades of black except for Davy. Davy is in grey which matches the sky. They laugh at Jimmy because he says his suit is the colour of outer space.

“The salesman in the shop said so.” It’s the first time they have laughed today.

The lighthouse where they once played, hid, ran to, is boarded up now. Rust bleeding into plaster, the lamp long since extinguished.

“Ready?” says Graham. They nod in unison and watch as he scatters ashes on the wind and the ghosts of 60 years ago dance in the dust.


About the author: Dan has a BA Hons in Film and Creative Writing but has only just returned to it after a 10 year hiatus. He’s currently writing short stories and has begun developing an outline for a novel.


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