Go solo, and study new work-alone Novel Creator course

We’re excited to announce that Retreat West’s own The Novel Creator course has now launched as a work-alone programme. 

Designed for those looking to fit flexible studying around their schedule, this version of the course comes packed with all the same knowledge and insights as the mentored course — but all set at your own pace. You’ll have access to the course materials on the Retreat West site for a whole year, from the day you sign up, so you can plan your own study schedule around other commitments.

“My approach to writing an entire book is more time efficient. The prose itself is more contemporary and the voice more direct. When Amanda told me what was working in my novel and what I needed to change, she was right every time. Her editing transformed my work into the best writing I have ever done. Can you ask for anything more?”former student Mary Kathleen Mehuron

The Novel Creator course is a one-stop shop, with everything you need to write a complete, professionally edited draft of your novel — with lessons, advice and techniques you can apply to every other novel you write in the future. You’ll learn essential editing skills and gain insight into the publishing world — and how to pitch your work to agents and publishers.

If you commit time and energy to this course and apply what you learn, you’ll emerge a significantly better writer. Our aim is to make you better writers, to teach you how to edit your own work, and to give you a career. 

“Amanda helped me to understand the pillars of theme, characterisation and setting, reminding me to use these in pushing the story forwards and getting that all important first draft completed. As a new writer, or even an experienced one, self-doubt can really hamper the progress you make. Having an experienced mentor, who’s been there before you and can pull you out of the mud when things get tough, is priceless.” former student Julie Day

Find out more about The Novel Creator, as the standalone or mentored course, here.