Ghost Blocker by Andrew Boulton

A rich man hires me to prevent ghosts from haunting him.

Apparently, he has been targeted by the ghosts of two girls (but does not say why.)

My job is to ensure he never sees the ghosts, which mostly involves walking into dark rooms ahead of him, or carrying him up to his woodland mansion in a sack.

The ghosts are annoyed but I explain my financial difficulties and I think they understand.

One night I’m asleep in the man’s bed and pyjamas (as a decoy) when the ghosts wake me up to say they’ve found where he keeps his money, and will show me if I promise to stop blocking them.

I accept and the girl ghosts draw me a complex map.

At the end of the map I find nothing.

There is a terrible scream from the rich man’s house and I realise I’ve lost a good job.

About the author: Andrew Boulton is a lecturer in creative advertising. His flash fiction stories have been accepted and published in journals including Retreat West, Lunate Fiction, Flash Fiction Magazine, Tiny Molecules, Spelk, Reflex, Bath Flash Fiction anthology and Storgy. He lives in Nottingham with his wife, daughter and a chubby cat.