Future Shock

The winning stories in the 2018 Retreat West Short Story and Flash Fiction Prizes cross genres, eras and continents to bring you insights into the human condition through many different voices.From a young boy finding his place in the world when watching Magnum PI with his family; to an old woman cooking eggs, inspired by the painting by Velázquez; and a self-styled food cop raiding shops and fast-food outlets not selling what he wants them to. This collection is filled with moments of humour, love and pain. Just like life is. Featuring stories from Joanna Campbell, Manisha Khemka, Richard Buxton, Fiona J. Mackintosh, A.C. Koch, Sherry Morris, James Ellis and more.


ISBN: 978-1-9160693-7-4

Published: 4th September 2019


ISBN: 978-1-9160693-6-7

Published: 4th September 2019