Forgetting Flash Winners


Once again, thanks to all that entered the last themed flash comp. I’ve had a hard time choosing the top the three from the shortlisted stories but have finally made my decision. Well done to all of the shortlisted writers, who now appear in the list below the winner details as the standard is excellent.

Forgetting Themed Flash Competition Winner

Unforgettable by David Wiseman

Why I chose it: I loved how this played with the theme and focused on how our memories work. How something that seems so momentous to one can be something much less significant to the other. How time affects that too so our lives become stories for us to edit as we see fit, to make ourselves seem more interesting than perhaps we really believe we are. The sumptuousness of the imagery and fantastic use of language give a real richness to the story that makes it feel a lot bigger than it is.

Read Unforgettable


Forgetting Themed Flash Competition Runner-Up

Hospital Ward Flora by Emily Harrison

Why I chose it: Colourful flowers and the symbolism of their meanings all the way through added a real poignancy to the story. I loved how the young narrator was bringing flowers to her grandad that symbolised all the hope ahead for her life as his faded. The penultimate line about the time to get the Google results of the final flowers he gave her compared to how long it will take her to get over it, is a stunner.

Read Hospital Ward Flora


Forgetting Themed Flash Competition Runner-Up

People Math by Sally Lehman

Why I chose it: The sums running through this about how emotions, life events and the actions we take all come together to make something else are brilliant. Forgetting is never mentioned but the theme of memory runs throughout the whole story tied into the math. Great stuff.

Read People Math


Shortlisted Stories

  • Amy Drake by Nicole Fitton
  • An Odyssey by Alison Woodhouse
  • Burning Bright by Shirley Golden
  • Captivity by Jennifer Riddalls
  • Forget You by Nikki Marshall
  • Freedom by Elizabeth Ottosson
  • Hope You Find Your 90 by Adam Lock
  • The Frog Prince by Margaret Morey


There’s still almost a month to get your flash stories in for the next themed flash comp and be in with a chance of winning up to £400 and getting your story published on the website. The theme is Reunions and the deadline is 24th June.

Our Retreat West Author Members get entry to the comps included as part of their benefits package, as well as a lots of other great stuff.

We hope to read your work soon!




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