Forest Themed Flash Longlist

Many thanks to everyone who sent us a forest themed story for this quarter. We’ve enjoyed them all and well done to the writers of the following stories. We’re still reading anonymously though so no telling which is yours!

Longlisted Stories

  • A Face on the Earth
  • Beauty floats across a lake in the heart of the forest on a moonlit night
  • Cuckoo Pint
  • Disenchantment in Three Dishes
  • Fern-seed
  • Five Benefits of Forest School
  • Forest Fritillaries, chequered
  • Goatfoot
  • Girl in the Forest
  • Heaven is for Forest Bathers
  • In a Forest in Finland I Find a Sawmill
  • Into the Woods
  • Knock Three Times, Wait, Knock Again
  • Listen
  • One Way or Another
  • Sporocarp Dreams
  • Secretarial Duties
  • The Forest of Losses
  • The Gamekeeper’s Party
  • The Jam Jar Forest
  • The Point of Disappearance
  • The Question of the Sycamore Tree
  • The Right Conditions for Fire
  • The Risks of Reading
  • The Wild Self
  • When I wasn’t Looking
  • Your tasting notes